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10 Jul Selling Your Home – 30 Day Guide

30 Day Guide To Selling Your Home

Thinking about selling your home?

Take a look at this 30-day guide to preparing for sale before selling your home.

Day 1: Update light fixtures and change light bulbs.
You want rooms to be as bright as possible when selling your home. Lighting can make a drastic difference in how your home looks to potential buyers. If you do not have modern light fixtures, take a trip to IKEA or Home Depot and invest in some modern ones. 

Day 2: Get the paperwork ready.
Buyers and agents are bound to be curious and ask questions, so have your paperwork ready to make the process easier. This includes utility bills, tax bills, renovation details, warranties, mortgage details, survey and rental contracts. 

Day 3: Get supplies.
A big part of the process of selling your home is reducing time and costs, and while Walmart and Costco might be cheap options for boxes, it isn’t convenient whatsoever. There are many options to consider such as Frogbox-reusable boxes that won’t fall apart. If you’re going to be moving a lot of stuff, think about a POD storage locker-you fill it up at your house, it gets taken away and delivered to your new house. 

Day 4: Extra set of keys.
Buyers and their agents need to be able to access your house, so make an extra set of keys for them to use.

Day 5: Bathrooms.
Remove all toiletries you have and invest in some new bathroom accessories that include a soap dish, toothbrush holder, towels, etc. Replace anything that looks retro. 

Day 6: Spruce up the kitchen.
Buyers are attracted to kitchens when viewing houses, so make sure not to skip it during showings. Make sure that the top counters are clear, clean the cupboards (which means emptying them), and clean inside the fridge. You want to convince the buyers that your Kitchen has enough storage for your buyer’s things. Consider investing in some table pieces to put the look together. 

Day 7: Bedrooms.
The bedrooms should feel cozy and that means cleaning and that means buying more props. Invest in a neutral-coloured duvet cover and some attractive pillows. Remove anything personal from the room and if your floors are cold, get an area rug. 

Day 8: Cover the livingroom.
Clean the love seats and chairs and buy some new throw pillows. Consider buying an area rug to pull the room together. Hide the clutter that has accumulated and hide any visible wires from electronics. 

Day 9: Elegant dining room.
Clear anything on top of the table except for any centrepieces. If you have an old table with scratch marks, consider getting a tablecloth to cover it.  

Day 10: Organize the basement.
No matter if your basement is finished or just an extra area for storage, you’ll need to put in some time to make it as clean as possible before selling your home.

Day 11: Clean closets and storage areas.
Take the time to pack away what you don’t need in your closets and organize everything. The last thing you want is for your potential buyer to think that there isn’t enough storage to meet their requirements based on your mess when selling your home.

Day 12: Store, donate or throw away.
It’s truly a struggle to store unnecessary things that you don’t need and it’s also expensive. We suggest you take the time to sort through those things and decide if you need something and if not, either donate it or throw it away before selling your home.

Day 13: The walk-in entrance.
A large number of buyers will have some sort of reaction when walking into your home within about 15 seconds. You want to make sure that your entrance is clean and inviting. Store your coats and shoes away somewhere so they aren’t visible. 

Day 14: Get rid of things that make the home known to you.
When selling your home, you want your house to appeal to any potential buyers and the only way that’ll happen is if they can imagine their stuff in your home. If you see anything that helps people know you, get rid of it. 

Day 15: Hire a REALTOR!
Today would be the perfect day to contact me. A realtor will be likely to take two weeks to schedule and prepare the marketing. An experienced agent will also guide you through the process of selling your home, so you don’t have to do it alone. 

Day 16: Paint touch-ups and re-painting.
One of the easiest and cheapest ways to freshen up the place is to re-paint! If you have any bold-coloured rooms, take the time to re-paint those using a neutral colour. 

Day 17: Make a list of things you’ve been avoiding repairing.
If you have any repairs that you have been avoiding, get them done! If you don’t know how to repair them yourself, hire a professional. 

Day 18: Clean the windows!
Rain and snow can really make your windows look unappealing. Take some Windex and clean them, so that they look sparkly clean when people come to look at the house. 

Day 19: The front yard.
Has your door seen better days? Replace it before selling your home. If there are scuff marks on it, clean it. Pick up any litter on the grass and mow the lawn. Re-paint the porch if needed as well. 

Day 20: The backyard.
If you’re selling your home in the summer/spring: Clean up the garden, trim the trees, cut the grass, stain the deck, clean the patio furniture and BBQ. If selling your home in the winter: Do your best to make it look presentable. For the garage if you have one: Fix any peeling paint and the sagging roof.

Day 21: Carpets.
Unless your carpets are brand new, you should steam clean them. It will make a drastic difference in appearance. 

Day 22: Don’t forget about the floors!
If your floors are scratched, invest in some products that will make them look brand new. 

Day 23: Walls and doors.
If your doors and walls are scuffed, buy some magic erasers and get to work! If you need to update your wall art before selling your home, now is the time to do it as well. 

Day 24: The final step.
You’re probably exhausted by now, but there are still spots that you have missed! Hire some professional cleaners to help you get everything squeaky clean! 

Day 25: Pets.
Some buyers don’t like pets so you will need to get rid of them while people are viewing your home. Doggie daycare? Grandma and Grandpa? Multiple walks? 

Day 26: Kids.
If you have kids, make sure to put away all of their things and supplies that you use for them. No buyer wants to see those kinds of things just lying around! 

Day 27: Make your house smell good.
If you own a dog, you may want to wash any surfaces that the dog has slept on. Clean the litter box twice a day while your home is on the market. Use Febreeze on EVERYTHING. Also, light some good scented candles to make it cozy. 

Day 28: Get a pre-listing home inspection or order the status certificate if you live in a condo.
It’s not very joyful to find out that there is something wrong with your house/condo at the negotiating table, so arm yourself with the information before listing your home. You can either fix the problems before you list your home or factor it into your asking price and expectations when selling your home.

Day 29: Photography.
When your home is de-cluttered and looking like new, now is the time to let the photographer work their magic. This will happen a few days before you list your home and this will include a virtual tour or video. 

Day 30: Admire it.
Take a step back and admire the way that your home looks. Take a walk through the whole house and make sure that there isn’t anything left that might disinterest the buyer or make selling your home more difficult. If there is, remove it. 

Now look at the work you’ve done and congratulate yourself on how beautiful you have made your home look for the new owner. 

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