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11 May Soaring Rents in Hamilton

Hamilton Rent Prices On The Rise

Hamiltonians renting are fondly remembering rent prices of a couple of years ago. The vacancy rate remains very low, hovering around 2% mark but renting a two bedroom will cost you over eleven hundred dollars in Hamilton, a one bedroom just under one thousand.

What is driving the increase in rentals?

Is it a supply and demand question or something else?

1: The dizzying rise in Real Estate prices in the GTA has brought roughly 30% economic migrants, aka “out of town buyers”, some here to live and some here to invest.

And renovate.

The math from the investors perspective is simple. Offer a nice, well-appointed unit and you will a: make more $, and b: attract a better tenant.

2: Hamilton Zoning By-laws. The requirements for the conversion of a single-family home to a multi-unit dwelling are unreasonable and impossible to satisfy.

Starting from 1.5 parking spots per unit in a society trying to bid farewell to cars, to unreasonable square footage requirements for a basement unit of approx. 595 square feet, the current zoning bylaws do nothing to help create solid, legal dwelling units in Hamilton.


Take a look at these two graphs to see the variations in rent prices in different Canadian cities:

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