Getting rid of squirrels in your home

09 Jun The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Squirrels

Got Squirrels?

Squirrels can be a pain for housing properties, no matter if you are renting or owning, and it seems that they can find limitless ways to intrude your house if entry points are not sealed, or are not sealed sufficiently. Here is a short guide to help you get rid of any unwanted squirrels you may have in your home once and for all!:


Be sure that the problem is actually squirrels: who knows, there may be other creatures roaming around in the dark areas of your home, raccoons, skunks even?9 The best way to clarify that the problem really is squirrels is to directly spot them entering and leaving the confines of your house.


Analyze the patterns of the squirrels: Squirrels love to roam around the attic and weaves of your house, so if you suspect that they may be inside your home, you want to make sure that when all barriers are put up, there are no squirrels within the confines of your home, so make sure to study and analyze their patterns, specifically when they go out to feed, and when they come back.


Seal all but one of the entry points that the squirrels come and go through with materials such as sheet metal, foam sealant, or even a stainless steel mesh. One entry point has to be kept open just in case there are any adult or baby squirrels left in your home, once you are sure that all the squirrels are out, you can seal off the final entry.


Just to be sure that there are no baby squirrels still dormant in your house, this is a simple method to check so that you can be truly sure: get out a flashlight, a dust mask, and a pair of gloves and head down to the attic to check the surrounding area for any apparent nests, listen and make sure to be careful because mother squirrels are very protective, and won’t hesitate to attack to protect her young.


If there are indeed baby squirrels in the attic, they will require that shelter for a few months, and if this is the case, it would be better to just wait it out, or else you will end up with dead squirrels in your attic and an angry mother squirrel.

Just in case you didn’t know, squirrels can come in and out through holes as small as 2 inches, that is as small as a baseball!

Well, those are the steps to get rid of any pestering squirrels that may be lying around on your property, good luck!

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