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02 Sep Which Neighbourhood In Hamilton Is Next To Pop?

Which Neighbourhood In Hamilton Is Next To Pop?

The North End and West Harbour neighbourhoods have experienced an unbelievable renaissance, resulting from an economic migration of new Hamiltonians from the 416 and simply an innate urge to live a more community-based lifestyle, less sedentary, less remote and more inclusive.

This area was originally developed by literally the “off the boat” immigrants, primarily the Portuguese and Italians who settled and worked here. The housing stock, however: the architecture and space are limited and modest, and more people are embarking on significant renovations, doing additions, adding floors and stuff.

Central Hamilton, from Wentworth Street to Ottawa Street, particularly the south side (St. Claire and Stinson neighbourhoods), are ripe with large homes and are still moderately priced.

Much to buy for fixer-uppers and flips. Beautiful, spacious homes for families on tree-lined streets, and can still be bought for around the $400,000 mark.

The square footage is double compared to north end neighbourhoods.

But what’s lacking?

A developed commercial area with neighbourhood amenities; a place to go for a coffee; small scale shopping, and neighbourhoods that are ready to support that kind of retail/commercial development.

The East End has been following the rise of house prices, but still lags behind. There are a lot of opportunities for starter homes north of Main Street, and nice, spacious homes in Rosedale and East Crown Point.


Corman Neighbourhood

It’s pretty easy to see things in the rear view mirror, and there is always another neighbourhood that is ready to pop or underpriced and undervalued. I’m going to go out on a limb and put my money on the Corman Neighbourhood.

Corman Neighbourhood?

My biggest bet is on the beautiful Corman neighbourhood: south of Queenston road, stretching to Nash. This lush, leafy neighbourhood was developed in the fifties and sixties and the demographics show an ageing population leaving because they cannot simply maintain homes any longer.

The homes are often dated but often superior construction, with wide lots and wide, leafy streets.

Schools in the area are plentiful here, and shopping is only blocks away, with all the grocery, restaurants and hardware stores one can hope for.

Want to know more about a specific neighbourhood in Hamilton? Send me a message.

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